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Transformative Beginner & Intermediate Surf Coaching & Retreats

Gold coast surf training

Serious about learning to surf? This program is for you. You’ll develop the skill you need to surf the way you always dreamed of, gaining the confidence and knowledge you need to take your surfing to the next level. This program includes:

Online surf training

Do you feel like your surfing hasn’t progressed in years? Let’s do something about it! All you need to do is provide your own surf footage. This online surf training program takes place over 12 weeks and combines surf fitness programming, video analysis and expert coaching, guaranteed to take you to the next level:

surf retreats

Love travel surfing? Want to increase your surfing ability in the shortest amount of time possible? Join us on one of our expert coaching retreats for beginner to intermediate surfers!

They’re a ton of fun and you’re guaranteed to come back a better surfer with the amount of time in the water and expert coaching you’ll receive.

video analysis

Are you able to get footage of yourself surfing? Do you want to know what to work on to progress your surfing? If you answered yes to both of these questions, surfing video analysis is for you!

Upload your footage. Receive expert guidance in return through video analysis coaching breakdowns. Join a coaching app and directly communicate by sending videos of in water footage as well as dry land training footage.

Purchase either a one off breakdown for $80 or progress week on week for 12 weeks for $60 per breakdown.

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