Gold Coast Surf Training

Surfer Transformation Program

Serious about learning how to surf? This program is for you. You’ll develop the skill you need to surf the way you always dreamed of, gaining the confidence and knowledge you need to take your surfing to the next level. This program includes:

Your investment for this program is $180 per week.


Sometimes the biggest barrier to us getting better at surfing is our body. Whether it be getting gassed after 10 minutes of paddling or not having the joint mobility to be able to make critical manoeuvres.

Our surf specific weekly training sessions get you into prime surfing shape so you have the endurance to catch more waves and the ability to be more explosive once you’re up.

Classes cost $10 and are run by the beach on the Southern end of the Gold Coast. The perfect spot for you to cool off afterwards with some waves. Hit the button below to find and join our next class. 

One on one training

Want radical progression? One on one training is for you. Let’s analyse where you’re at and where you want to be and create the perfect training program and support to get you there as quickly as possible. Whether it’s an in-gym personal training session, video analysis or in-water training, you’ll receive 100% of your trainer’s focus for maximum results.

Your investment for this program will be customised. Tailored to your specific goals and availability.